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7 Easy and Efficient Tactics to Brand Your Cannabis Business Online

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

For this blog article, I’ve compiled 7 inexpensive and easy ways in which you can brand your cannabis business online. As small business people and owners with limited funds, we usually do not have the luxury of shelling out millions of advertising dollars to market our products. Luckily and because of a significant shift in the way we now do business, there are a few things you can do to successfully develop your business AND keep your cost low.

1. Make sure to have an expertly made Logo.

Your logo is a crucial component of your "cannabis brand name identification". It is a graphic representation of your business which is going to be used on most of your advertising materials and therefore you need to consider investing a little money to get an expertly made symbol for your cannabis brand. Puff Designs can do that for you or there are some other options like Fiverr and Upwork where you can find some great freelancer to help you out.

2. Use social media to consistently market and boost your own cannabis brand.

Before interpersonal networking came into the scene, branding took place via word of mouth referrals or through conventional methods of promoting.

Today, social media is one of THE most powerful online branding tools -- and rightfully so. Most people will grab their phones first thing in the morning to check recent posts on their social media accounts even before they’ve started their day. In a future article, I'll explain what is the optimal time for posting to hit your target audience.

Leveraging the free access to Social Networking sites, you can easily:

  • Spread the word regarding your brand on a regular basis

  • Interact with your potential and current customer base

  • Connect with fellow peers within your industry

3. Utilize a branded electronic mail signature.

Wisestamp for organization is my preferred electronic mail signature promotional tool. Using this application, you can easily make a personalized email signature that includes:

  • Your contact information (Telephone, Fax, Mail etc..)

  • An expert image or Head-shot

  • Inbound links into all your active Social Media Marketing Profiles

  • A RSS which includes your most recent blog article

  • A connection to some Freebie and/or Giveaway

If you have the skills make your own but if not Wisestamp you can set this up easy.

4. Use reviews to enhance authenticity.

Reviews are among the absolute most effective marketing messages and boosters that you can have in your toolbox. If you have obtained "Rockstar" testimonials from your clients, here are a few things you can do to optimize them:

  • Insert them into a site

  • Tweet them out to your followers

  • Insert them into your own email signature

  • Publish them through Facebook

5. Build a standout tag line and business slogan. Like your own emblem, your motto should be used on most your advertising collateral. At Puff Designs, we came up with “Let Puff Designs bring your little digital dreams to reality.” We are digital marketers, marketing to the Cannabis market and wanted to allude to the Cannabis flowers that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Here are a couple of sites that might help you get started with your slogan



6. Begin Blogging. Blogs are quite easy to set-up, are inexpensive and demand just a little of your time. With your blog, you can very quickly leverage the power of social media to construct brand recognition in your marketplace and launch an online presence. At Puff Designs, we realized that blog posts keep potential clients wanting more & they return to our media platforms because of it. If you think you cannot write a blog or don’t have the time, you can find some inexpensive online freelancers that can write it for you.

7. Provide your clients a head shot. I don’t know about you, but a brand will captivate my attention in a more meaningful way when I know who is behind the product being offered. If you have a site and social media profiles, you absolutely need to incorporate a head shot of yourself (and your group) to connect with your audience on a more personable level. And please SMILE; people are attracted to joy.

And here you have it, 7 easy-peasy strategies to make your cannabis enterprise online soar.

Please share this blog post with others who can also benefit from a few little tricks of the trade. Thanks!

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